Starting the new year typically makes one reevaluate and set new goals. This year I am determined to make my health in all aspects, physically, mentally, and spiritually of utmost importance.

To keep me motivated and able to accomplish this “goal” realistically I had to evaluate what I fill my life with. My calendar is filled with going out to eat with friends, running to shopping trips with family, appointments, and other events I could not say no to. I looked at how I spend my days and found my days are full of over cleaning, nonproductive computer time, and some times those darn soap operas.

After I took this assessment of my life I decided I needed to decrease my commitments and those areas that will rob my time. By minimizing my to-do list and commitments I will now not have the excuse I can not take care of my health. I will have the time to ensure my husband and I are eating healthy meals, including exercise daily, and always having time to study and be with the Lord.

I am so motivated!

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Happy New Year~