FOR TODAY December 8th, 2008

Outside my window…snow on the ground and gray skies.
I am thinking…about friendships, true friendships. The kind you can recover from unintentional hurts and most importantly are willing and want to work through the times we let each other down.
I am thankful for…deep and meaningful friendships.
From the kitchen…will be salads with grilled chicken tonight for supper. Then I need to make the menu plan for the rest of the week.

I am wearing…my stand by for Monday’s after a long work weekend, comfy sweats, comfy shirt, and comfy socks.

I am creating…a flyer for a dog seminar my Australian shepherd club is hosting.

I am going…to have to take a nap today as I have not had enough sleep over the last few days. I am startimg to feeling really run down today.

I am reading…the Bible

I am hoping…to get a lot done on my to do list this week.

I am hearing…my husband in the family room.

Around the house…is a mess from the work we are having done to the study and the dining room. I hope it is all done by Christmas.

One of my favorite things…is my dog under the desk while I type.

A few plans for the rest of the week…will be shopping with my mom and sister, watching my nephew, having Christmas supper with my co-workers, and my husband’s work Christmas party.

Here is picture thought I am sharing…of my old doggie Macie looking out the window. I like it because of the reflection you can see of her in the window. She is nearing 15 and I am so thankful she is still here with us.




My dear sweet friend.

My dear sweet friend.


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