I took my younger dog Baylor to the dog park to meet up with some of our doggie friends this morning early. After my friend and her dogs left Baylor and I had the entire park to ourselves (it was only 24 degrees with a light snow and wind, sane folks stay insideJ). It was so quiet and calm. All I could hear was the little footprints of Baylor and his breath as he ran from one place to the next.


While we were walking I was immersed in the glory of God and all of His creation. I felt a peace like I had never felt. It was amazing and I knew Heaven will be incomprehensible in the peace and calm we will feel.


I am drawing closer to God everyday. I have believed in the saving power of Jesus but am more and more aware of how important a personal relationship with Him needs to be. I am so thankful for my Well-Sitter Sisters bible study on Monday nights and for my 5:16 am Gals as they help me to stay accountable to the most important relationship I will ever have.





My dog Baylor and I

My dog Baylor and I