I am so excited to participate in the Internet Café Devotions Holiday Traditions and Ideas.

When my sister and I both married, we had our husband’s families to go to on Thanksgiving day along with our parents. My parents decided to do a Thanksgiving morning breakfast to allow us to spend more time with each family, spread out the eating, and not feel the pressure to rush from one family to the next.

My mom, sister, and I have our own tradition on Black Friday by meeting at Meijer by 4:30am to spend the day shopping. We don’t typically buy a lot, but do take advantage of the low prices on stock up items such as towels, blankets, pillows, etc… It has become more fun in buying the last few years since my nephew has graced our lives. We usually all buy new coffee mugs alike.

Christmas Eve is spent with my husband’s parents and Christmas Day is spent with my parents. Every year the women in my family buy new pajamas to wear all day at my parents’ home while we spend the day together. The nice thing about the pajamas is every time I wear mine through the new year I think of my family.

I have read in Rick Warren’s book, The Purpose of Christmas, that he has a birthday party for Jesus and I just LOVE this idea. I am going to bake a cake this year for Christmas Day so we all remember the true reason for this glorious season. A new tradition, how exciting.

Blessings to all on this holiday season.