FOR TODAY November 10th, 2008…
Outside my window… is leaves on the ground and sun shining brightly. I am one of the “weird people” who LOVE winter.

I am thinking… about my husbands birthday supper. We will have so much fun with all our family around the table eating pizza:).

I am thankful… for the ability to work in a job I love. There is nothing worse than dreading going to work.

From the kitchen… will be an attempt to start making a weekly menu to keep me organized and cooking healthy meals at home. If I have a plan in place and a kitchen stocked I won’t be able to make the excuse of needing something and then just going out to eat instead.

I am wearing…warm sweat pants, comfy t-shirt, fuzzy socks, crocs, and as always a little dog hair from morning loving on my four legged kids.

I am creating…a powerpoint for my work.

I am going…out to eat tonight with my family and my in-laws for my husbands birthday.

I am reading…Quit Digging Your Grave with a Knife and Fork by Mike Huckabee. Excellent advise for those of us with some weight to lose.

I am hoping…my husband has a wonderful day today.

I am hearing…the TV in the the family room as my husband has the day off and is relaxing for his birthday.

Around the house…we have walls ready for the contractor to come in and redo in our study.

One of my favorite things…is feeling alive with energy and confidence knowing my Father loves me.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Committee meetings at work, going to Curves to workout 3 times, taking the dogs to the chiropractor, and having lunch with my sister and nephew.

Here is picture thought I am sharing…

Happy 5th Birthday Baylor

Happy 5th Birthday Baylor

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